Selected publications and interviews

John McDonald

Ildiko Kovacs: 'Down the Line' 1980-2010

Published for The Sydney Morning Herald, May 21, 2011


Serpentine 1999

Serpentine 1999

Susan McCullen


Published for Artworld Magazine, June/July 2008

Louise Martin-Chew

'Collaborating Wakartu Cory Suprise & Ildiko Kovacs'

Published for Australian Aboriginal Art Magazine, March 2009

Nicolas Rothwell

'Kimberley in Harmony'

Published for News Corp. August 2009


Orange Glow 2008

Orange Glow 2008

Jane O'Sullivan

'Ildiko Kovacs'

Published for Art Collector, Issue #53

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre 

'Down the line 1980-2010'

Video by Stephen Oxenbury


'Into Abstraction II'

Published by Macquarie University Art Gallery

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